A Nation In Need Of Dental Care

Tooth decay has become a childhood epidemic. More than half (51.2 percent) of children age 6 to 11 have tooth decay in their baby teeth, and more than two in three adolescents age 16 to 19 (67.5 percent) have tooth decay in their permanent teeth. Tooth decay is far more common than chronic childhood diseases like asthma and diabetes. 


Poor Oral Health Has Been Linked To Poor Overall Health

Dental disease affects one's ability to eat, learn, work, and form social relationships. Your mouth is essential for eating and communicating. Dental disease limits those necessary activities. The physical manifestations of dental disease can affect one's self-esteem and ability to succeed.

Poor Oral Health Results In Decreased Productivity

The mouth is often referred to as a mirror to overall health and well-being. Oral infections are not only painful and affect one's ability to function normally, but they have also been linked with heart disease and poor pregnancy outcomes.

Information listed above was obtained from: The Health Resources and Services Administration & The Pew Children's Dental Campaign.